Honda Transmission Recall

Honda Transmission Problems?

Are you having problems with your Honda transmission?  Well, you’ve found the right place.  Read on…

Honda makes one of the most reliable vehicles on the planet and is rated #1 in reliability in Consumer Reports survey of its subscribers who own Hondas.  Their stellar reputation is why we find our Honda customers are the most heartbroken of all when they are faced with transmission repairs. 

We find it amazing what lengths Honda will go through to preserve its reputation, while trying to save money at the same time.  If you’ve done any searching online about either Honda transmission problems or a Honda transmission recall, you’ll learn there’s no shortage of information and comments.

What Honda actually did about the transmission issue is not a recall at all.  They’ve created a new strategy by issuing a Honda extended warranty.  Technically speaking, there’s no such thing as a Honda transmission recall.  For the problematic years, Honda has effectively doubled the length of the factory warranty on the transmission.

The difference between issuing a recall and extending the warranty is basically cost.  With a recall, all owners are entitled to a replacement transmission whether or not the owner is experiencing a transmission problem.  With an extended warranty, a transmission has to be experiencing problems to get a free transmission.  No problems, no free transmission.

You’ll never hear about the Honda transmissions that went 150K-200K miles without a problem.  However, the fact of the matter is that the majority of them did last that long and in some cases, even longer.  Why?  Bad news travels faster and farther than good news.

If only half of Honda transmissions are experiencing problems, Honda will only have to fix half the vehicles they built during the troublesome years.  With a recall, Honda would have to replace them all.  Honda essentially saved 50% by extending the warranty when compared to issuing a recall. 

Because of all the online chatter and websites created about Honda transmission issues, when an older or high mileage Honda owner is experiencing transmission problems starts searching online, they discover they missed the boat on the extended warranty program.  They feel cheated.  If Honda had issued a recall, they would have been entitled to a replacement transmission.  Instead, the transmission repair cost is now out of their pocket, not Honda’s.

 You can read more about Honda transmission failures and what can be done about it, by going to our website and reading

Written by J. Larry Bloodworth, ASE certified master auto technician transmission specialist since 1980 who lives and works in Draper, Utah. Visit our website at


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